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Escalating concern about dangerous chemicals in skincare products

Preservation of foods and cosmetic products has been a challenge which has faced humans ever since we started to move around on our planet.  Originally, plant-based preservatives were all that was available, and this remained the case for centuries, with more than satisfactory results.  Products were produced locally, for example in villages, and were distributed close to home.  This allowed production to be fairly small and regular, meaning that these natural preservatives were more than able to handle their time frame demands. With the population explosion which we have experienced during the last century however, and the demand for global availability of just about everything you can think about (!), both foods and cosmetics have been hit hard with the need to adapt and use more developed forms of preservation.   

In theory this is not something which should be of concern; isn't it a positive thing if our everyday needs can be produced in a way which allows larger quantities to be available for longer?  The immediate answer most people will give to this question is "of course its better!"  And it should be, until we look more closely and see the underlying effects and outcomes of some of these so called "safe" and allowed preservatives.  Currently in Europe and epidemic has been declared involving a preservative known as MI, where up to 10% of the population using products containing this preservative (big name brands) experience contact allergies which range from mildly irritating to the equivalent of burning of the skin, with terrible consequences.  There are many other artificial ingredients in skincare products which, while officially approved as safe to use, have very questionable profiles.  Potentially cancer causing and hormone disrupting and two of the big concerns relating to many of these products, before we even consider the number of contact reactions which many people have to their so-called "natural" products. 

Our skin is a product of nature, and so it relates to natural ingredients.  As soon as we put a chemical on our skin which is not closely derived from the earth, a barrier is created, and so any natural ingredients which may exist in the product have trouble finding their way in. This is why people who are lucky enough to experience my truly natural skincare immediately comment on the ease with which it is absorbed. This means that the nutritional value of the oils and herbs is not a hypothetical maybe, but a true reality!  

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