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Located in Belli Park (Sunshine Coast Hinterland, QLD, Australia), Sunshine House of Wellness is a tranquil place dedicated to your health.

Relax and rejuvenate with a therapeutic massage, or consult with Gabby, a fully-trained Naturopath, Iridologist, and Medical Herbalist, who is accredited with most Australian private health funds.  Her previous training and experience as an international chef adds an extra element to your dietary planning needs.

Our story

In the world of skincare, which can go hand in hand with misleading labelling and animal testing, the story behind the products matters.

For chef turned natural health practitioner Gabby Scott, diving into the beauty industry was not originally part of her plan. After spending decades working as a chef on boats for high profile clients, Gabby’s career turned on its axis when she spent a week on a Tasmanian medicinal herb farm during her naturopathy studies.

When the farm’s owner, a retired pharmacist, introduced Gabby to the art of using herbal medicine to create therapeutic creams, she became transfixed. Gabby then learnt of a strain of pumpkin seed oil made from the Austrian Styrian pumpkin which was packed full of beneficial ingredients for the skin and was virtually unheard of in Australia.

Revered throughout Europe as a powerhouse for the skin, pumpkin seed oil is extremely high in natural antioxidants and polyunsaturated fatty acids, Vitamin E and Zinc and has been shown to improve skin tone, treat acne, have anti-ageing effects and promote skin renewal. With this discovery, the Pepo Skincare range of handcrafted therapeutic skin products was born.  Named after the pumpkin seed pepita (which is roasted and pressed to form the pumpkin seed oil), Gabby designed the entire Pepo Skincare range centering around pumpkin seed oil as the hero ingredient. Gabby also ensured the entire range featured all natural ingredients (organic where possible) and no harmful chemicals.

Gabby delighted in the creative process, finding she was able to apply the skills she had learnt inventing recipes as a chef in conjunction with her knowledge of herbal medicine when formulating her unique skincare products.

Pepo Skincare is proud to use a uniquely Australian, chemical-free pumpkin seed oil, which is extracted using a traditional hydraulic press, ensuring every goodness is retained in the oil. Another feature marking Pepo Skincare products apart is the use of healing herbs such as comfrey, calendula and St John’s Wort, selected by Gabby in fresh plant tincture or infused oil form.

Pepo Skincare quickly gained a loyal fanbase after its public debut at a local Sunshine Coast market. It didn’t take long for the Pepo Skincare Rejuvenating Face Oil to emerge as a customer favourite, gaining a cult following for its effectiveness as an excellent ‘all rounder’ product for mature skin. Word quickly spread, and Pepo Skincare soon developed into a thriving online business.

With plans in place to design an exclusive skincare range for one of Australia’s leading mental health residential treatment programs Noosa Confidential, Pepo Skincare's journey is just getting started.

We are committed to making quality products that have only 100% natural ingredients, so that your skin can absorb true nutrition without artificial chemicals. Healing herbal extracts are also added in order to enhance the therapeutic effects of our products. Fragrance is added only in the form of volatile essential oils, which linger for just long enough for you to appreciate, but not long enough to interfere with those around you. Boasting a range of 100% natural skin food products which are hand-made on the premises, from totally natural & organic ingredients. Featuring unique oils such as Australian pumpkin seed oil, herbal balms, lotions, creams and oils work to moisturise and heal your skin, while also providing absorbable nutrients which are necessary for your overall health.


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