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Transdermal Magnesium oil spray 250mL

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Derived from natural condensed seawater & containing a multitude of beautiful dissolved minerals & trace elements.

Contents: magnesium chloride (47 - 49%), potassium chloride, sodium chloride, selenium, boron & other trace elements of seawater.  
Approx. 3502mg of magnesium chloride per 5 ml, or 7 sprays.

Use: Pour 30ml or more in a bathtub or foot soak of warm to hot water for a pleasurable 30 minute sea salt bath. This may give relief from muscle aches & pains, daily stress, & to support a feeling of wellness. Otherwise spray it on the body as needed.

Caution: avoid direct contact with eyes & sensitive mucous membranes as you would with any sea salt solution.  If you experience a slight temporary stinging sensation simply dilute the area with fresh water.

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