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Hydrolysate Collagen powder


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Beauty from within using the natural power of collagen! An easily absorbed and digested form of bovine collagen which has been found to significantly improve wrinkles, skin elasticity and moisture. Also helps with joint health

With a neutral taste and odour, hydrolysate collagen is the perfect supplement to improve many aspects of your health.As well as improving overall skin health: counteracting the causes of ageing in the dermal skin layer and improving quailty of hair and nails; Hydrolysate collagen has also been found to stimulate the production of aggrecan, a vital cartilage component, allowing the body to rebuild cartilage where needed.

Recommended dosage: 10g/day - should be taken daily for at least 3 months in order to improve joint health

Based on studies in Germany and the U.S.A, 1 tablespoon mixed in water in juice should be taken daily. The initial treatment period should be 3 months in order for joint improvement to be significant. May help in case of joint deterioration due to collagen break down. Recommended for individuals with osteoarthritis.

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