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"Your Pumpkin Seed Oil Body Lotion is the only one I have ever found which leaves my skin feeling soft and dewy, without any oily residue.  After 70 years of searching I think that's saying something!" Janice, Figtree, NSW


"My 13 year old son has recurring eczema in the crooks of his elbows & the only thing we've found that relieves it is your Pumpkin Seed Oil Repair Balm.  He puts it on every few hours as soon as he sees the eczema appearing, and even remembers to take it to school by himself because he knows it works!" Lena, Wurtulla, QLD


"Your Pepo Body Lotion is working miracles on my hand and elbows.  It is hydrating without irritation and the flakiness and itch have gone.  The palm of my sore hand nearly looks normal for the first time in a decade without steroids.  I am amazed and delighted." Fiona, Glasgow, Scotland

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