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The concept of naturopathy is based on the teachings of Hippocrates, which focused on the healing power of nature.  In the words of Newman Turner "naturopathy is based on the recognition that the body possesses not only a natural ability to resist disease but also inherent mechanisms of recovery and self-regulation."

Unfortunately our body's ability to heal itself is often impaired by lifestyle factors such as diet, environmental pollutants, stress, lack of exercise, or other environmental conditions that may arise.  Consulting with a naturopath is a very effective  way for you to be naturally guided back to good health.  During the consultation at the Sunshine House of Wellness you will examin many aspects of your lifestlye, with Gabby helping you to decide where changes are needed.   A structured program can be devised which will enable you to take control over the direction in which your health is headed.  Supplements in the form of vitamins, minerals and natural herbs will be suggested where necessary.
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