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Herbal medicine, also known as phytomedicine, is considered to be one of the oldest forms of medicine, as since the dawn of time plants have been used by both animals and humans to sustain life and alter the course of disease.  Having always occurred in nature they are a form of medicine which our bodies can relate to instinctively, and the complex chemical makeup of plants allows them to work synergistically within the body when they are used in their entirety, rather than as isolated chemicals which is the case with pharmeceutical medicines. 

Herbs are effective for treating many aspects of health such as balancing hormones, building the immune system, increasing energy, recovery after illness, digestive disorders, adrenal fatigue ... the list is endless!  Liquid herbs are best formulated for you individually, and this can be done for you during your consultation with Gabby at the Sunshine House of Wellness.
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